The Yamuna River Project

YRP Researchers Meeting

04/23/2018 Hotel A, University of Virginia

On April 23rd The Yamuna River Project held a meeting for YRP researchers to update the group on their individual research projects. The meeting resulted in new cross-disciplinary collaborations  between researchers and the launching of shared online forum which will allow for YRP researchers to communicate with each other more effectively and be connected to ideas and findings across all research projects.


In attendence were: IƱaki Alday, Brian Owensby, Joe Brookover, Guoping Huang, Spencer Phillips, Janie Hammaker, Andrew Mondschein, Matt Reidenbach, Mahesh Rao, Tim Winchester, John Echeverri-Gent, Paromita Sen, Bala Mulloth, Abeer Saha, and Christian McMillen.



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