The Yamuna River Project

April 2017

eXHIBITION: 2017 india habitat centre, new delhi

A catalog of projects, research and strategies exhibited jointly by the Delhi Jal Board and the Yamuna River Prioject at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, from March 29 to April 8, 2017.

December 2016

The yamuna river project: 2016 review catalog

Re-Centering Delhi Research Studio Phase 2: The Najafgarh Drain.

January 2016


A summary of the work of the Re-Centering Delhi studios at the University of Virginia's School of Architecture, up until Fall 2016.

November 2014


In the context of the 50th year anniversary of its edifice, which belongs to the modernist

heritage of Delhi, the Swiss Embassy has celebrated the “Year of Architecture, Design

and Engineering in India” (YSADE) in 2013/14. On this occasion, it organized exhibitions, conferences and colloquia around the themes of urban planning, architecture and construction techniques.


Numerous Indian planners, architects, designers and engineers have participated in these events, and contributed to an active exchange with their Swiss colleagues.

Fall 2015


The [RE]SEARCH [DIA]LOGUES catalogs identify, explore and analyze the critical systems across India, focusing in on Delhi and the Yamuna. These books serve as an intuitive and accessible research base to help quickly understand the complex set of issues that are being addressed in the context of the Yamuna.

See the complete collection on Issuu.

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