The Yamuna River Project

Chhatrapati Shivaj: Intermodal Node and Water Remediation Park

Joshua Aronson

Situation Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan, Zoom

 The Chhatrapati Ring Road Crossing typifies several major mobility crossings along the Najafgarh in which no intentional, urban-scale relationships exist. As a result, Delhi is structured from opposite ends. Additionally, this site features a typical “Najafgarh park,” a well-used space that faces Delhi streets and turns its back to the drain. This project will utilize the waste created from the dredging of the Najafgarh to reshape the site into a more functional and ecological public space oriented toward the water.


The corridor construction initiates upstream, capturing downstream flows and deeply settled sludge. The dredging operation allows for a newly-contoured profile that creates a narrow channel for consistent flow through the dry season, wide and shallow banks for a robust riparian zone, and continuous slow mobility along the corridor. Sludge is dewatered on-site and deposited in landfills that also receive other forms of waste from the corridor and greater Delhi.

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