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Land Use



Delhiā€™s unnatural problem is produced by intertwined problems in four areas: water quality, air quality, lack of planning, and food security.


These can be characterized by two related issues of quality and inequality. These issues must be analyzed for both their direct impact on the environment, as well as their implications on the health, economy, politics, and quality of life of Delhi citizens.

Land Use

Comparative Land Use, Re-Centering Delhi and Delhi 2021 Proposal.

Re-Centering Delhi Team, Fall 2016


Bhalswa landfill along the Supplementary Drain, Phil Chang. 10/11/2015

Yamuna River: Problem Definition in Trash Management

Vivian Thomson, Department of Environmental Sciences, Department of Politics.

Director, Environmental Thought and Practice BA Program.


Receding forests and wetlands, Delhi

Delhi's Urban Dilemma : Ecology and Public Space

Yamuna River Project, Fall 2017

Land Use

Landsat images of the Delhi territory: Evolution from 1991-2015.

Mapping the Yamuna River Basin

Matthew Reidenbach, Associate Professor, University of Virginia

Justin Safarik, Environmental Sciences Major, University of Virginia


Scavengers at Bhalswa landfill. 10/10/2016

Re-Centering Delhi Team, Fall 2016.


Scavengers at Bhalswa landfill, Xander Shambough 10/01/2017

Yamuna River Project, Fall 2017

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