The Yamuna River Project

Indraprastha Cremation Grounds

Shannon Ruhl

 Currently, the strategy to mitigate flooding of the Yamuna river is to block water from entering the site completely. This cuts off the site’s accessibility to the river, while the drain runs directly into the river. The proposed drainage strategy follows a new soil remediation park to come to a sewage treatment plant. From here, any gray water is redirected to a series of filtration beds and active wetlands throughout the site. The proposed floodplain acts just as a floodplain is meant: taking on any surge in water flow and acting as a flexible edge between formal development and the river. Program is strewn about the floodplain, all privatized and cutting off the public from access to the river. The proposed site plan liberally provides access to the river from multiple entry points, connecting all points of program and use.

Comprehensive site plan.

Central cremation grounds.

Designing for ceremonial last rites.

Memorial grounds and constructed wetlands.

Site section connecting to the Yamuna.

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